MTS Warehousing and Distribution was established in 1993 with the goal to provide an efficient, reliable third party Brisbane Logistics service for those looking to outsource their warehousing and distribution needs.

MTS is an owner operated 3PL Brisbane logistics company offering a premium supply chain solution catering to all businesses, regardless of size. Our goal is to provide our customers with the confidence to sell their products trusting their goods will be picked, consigned and delivered in the most time sensitive and cost effective manner.

The costs of operating your own warehouse can be significant. You will need to allow for a fixed rental amount, numerous employees and all the associated costs relating to operating the warehouse. These costs are not very flexible and can be a serious financial burden on your business.

The major reason for using a third party warehousing and logistics business in Queensland is cost flexibility. You, the customer, only pay for what you use. You are charged for actual storage space utilised and are not burdened with an expensive lease. You are charged for actual product movements which translate directly into sales for you, the client. There is no need for you to be burdened with staff issues, handling equipment issues or unnecessary overheads.

This service is perfectly suited for importers, foreign based companies looking to sell goods in Australia, as well as Australian based manufacturers, by providing them access to our Brisbane logistics warehouse for their pick and pack fulfillment services.

Warehouse Logistics Companies – What Makes MTS Different?

Unlike most warehouse logistics companies, MTS are focused on building strong personal relationships by offering a high level of service whilst managing the logistical needs of market leaders across a broad range of industries. We provide a flexible approach to adapt to varying challenges and the expectations of our clients.

Centrally located in our secure, convenient facility in Salisbury, Queensland, minutes from the Brisbane CBD, we work tirelessly to provide a faultless link between our clients and their customers. Our prompt and accurate level of service allows our clients to grow, whilst providing a cost effective supply chain solution to minimise their expenditure.

Reduce Costs

By choosing MTS to operate your Brisbane warehouse, your costs can be reduced considerably.


MTS has been operating in the third-party Brisbane warehousing industry since 1993 and it allows you to call on our extended experience.

Ideal Location

MTS Warehousing is positioned within 10km of the Brisbane CBD, an ideal location for your Brisbane Warehouse.


MTS Warehousing own our Brisbane warehouse and have installed suitable security features to ensure the safety of your product. Our Brisbane Warehouse has 24 hour monitored security and an active 8 channel CCTV monitoring system. Security footage is retained for more than 30 days.

Think logistics companies Brisbane – Think MTS

So why choose MTS over other warehouse logistics companies in Brisbane? MTS is one of the most experienced and reputable logistics companies Brisbane has.

Let MTS Warehousing and Distribution be your logistics business in Brisbane.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out more about how our Brisbane logistics services can assist your business.

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"Our company has been dealing with MTS for 20 years. Their high level of expertise in supply chain management has certainly given us a competitive edge against other similar suppliers in the state of Queensland. MTS are certainly a critical part of our business, always meeting the daily challenges presented to them. Looking forward to another 20 years of great service with them.

Eric - National Customer Service Manager

"Marine & Industrial Marketing have successfully grown and have done so with the support of MTS and their great service. The team at MTS have consistently supported our company over the past 20 years. Without them, our customers would be left floundering.

David - Managing Director

Over the past 5 years, MTS have been our 3PL Distribution Centre in Queensland. The guys work diligently and give total support to our sales team, assisting the delivery of our brand to the market and fulfilling whatever our customer base requires.

Martin - Director of Sales & Marketing

We have been dealing with MTS for over 20 years now making them the longest serving supplier to our business. Their attention to detail has meant they are advising us of errors we are making before we know ourselves. The MTS stock take is more accurate than our own warehouses. Great, personal service – if MTS say it can’t be done, it can’t be done.

Dave Woodward - Managing Director.

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